Welcome to The ByteCave!


ByteCave ImageHi, thanks for stopping by. My name is Rich Eizenhoefer, and I am ByteCave. I have over 30 years of professional experience in consulting, computer programming, and project / program management. I am an expert in installing, configuring, troubleshooting and maintaining Windows client operating systems. I don’t work with Windows Server, at all. My focus is small businesses running peer to peer networks, or hybrid Windows/Linux networks with Linux/Unraid servers.

If your company has up to 25 users, I can work with you to define sustainable and affordable computer solutions. I can help you run and administer the computer network and software that you “used to have” or, well, probably still have. You’ve found a 1980-2000’s consultant, right here in the 2020’s!

I started with Tandy support in Portland, Oregon back in the 1980’s and have been employed by many companies after that, spanning the WA Department of Corrections, to Oculus Research (Meta Reality Labs), to Microsoft, to Google.

I’m a hardcore computer professional, and my expertise is well-earned and well practiced. If you’re looking for help with your small business computing, whether it be networks or programming or just general consulting, I can help. With my experience and knowledge base, I will often get the job done cheaper and faster than other consultants / companies with less technical depth. I can do this because I only work with a handful of technologies and programming languages. If you’re looking for a flashy, high-end consulting firm with Enterprise level expertise, I am honestly not the right guy. I serve the true small business market, and usually work with companies running old technologies and applications, on Windows client OS or Linux desktops.

Microsoft™ Server, Exchange, System Center and the like require deep expertise and (typically) expensive certifications to manage. The cost is often prohibitive, both in terms of the original purchase and ongoing administration. Standard applications for backup and monitoring often cost several hundred dollars more than the same package licensed to a non-server operating system. Many small companies, unfortunately, require a full-time employee to manage their computing infrastructure. Let me help.


If you’re looking for help with the 4GL database language filePro, I’ve got decades of programming experience from version 1.0 to version 6.0. I can remove passwords from databases, update to add new functionality, or simply fix elusive bugs. I’ll be happy to fix existing code or even write something new.


My first language was BASIC, on a 1977 TRS-80 Model I. I’ve maintained expertise with this language since then. I’m competent in several dialects including Visual Basic (I was a developer on the VB compiler team at Microsoft), GWBASIC, QuickBasic, LibertyBasic, QBASIC, FreeBasic, and most recently, PureBasic–a modern dialect that is a sort of hybrid between BASIC and C. If you’re looking for help with an existing legacy application or want to develop something new, I could be the BASIC programmer you’re looking for. Check out my open-source projects, written in PureBasic: View ByteCave Software Page.


I spent over a decade as a Senior Dev Lead at Microsoft programming in C and Win32 API. Command line utilities, GUI applications or whatever you need help with, I’m a very strong C programmer and can certainly help.

I have experience with and can help you with issues, custom software updates, and migration from several older database software and operating systems. If you need help with COBOL, FoxPro, Clarion, Xenix, SCO Unix, MSDOS applications, or other legacy software (please, just send me an email and ask), I’m ready to help.


The time and cost savings with a true, robust, and recoverable small business computer environment are substantial.

Some of the services I can provide

  • New custom programming and modification of existing business applications and tools:  C, BASIC, COBOL, and filePro 4GL.
  • Disaster recovery and online backup
  • Universal restore of machine image to dissimilar hardware
  • Secure remote desktop access for your employees, from outside your organization
  • High-speed networks with nightly backup to multiple destinations
  • Migrate existing server OS’s to virtual machines for legacy application support and immunity from ancient and/or dying hardware
  • Basic WordPress web-site development, PHP, and HTML programming
  • Design and implement networks including switches, routers, wireless, network printers, client/server connections, and network attached storage
  • Remotely monitored, motion alerted, 24×7 DVR recording security cameras (including wireless cameras). Featuring Blue Iris
  • PC tune-up and software troubleshooting, configuration, and repair
  • Antivirus and malware prevention, security and critical updates for operating systems and applications
  • Converting physical machines to virtual machines (consolidate servers, for example) and vice-versa
  • Email archiving systems (such as MailStore)

Thanks for stopping by, hope to hear from you soon!